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Walrus Oil - No it's not made from Walrus

Over the years I have searched for products to preserve and protect wooden kitchen tools /cutting boards. Many products do this, but it is my personal belief the walrus oil is the best among them. What are many attributes of walrus oil is that it's slightly jelled and will not run off the surface. Another major attribute is with every order they plant 5 trees thus giving back to the woodworking community.

Those of you that have come to our booth at an event, have seen firsthand the elegant beauty of the cutting board finishes with walrus oil. This is one of the reasons we decided to offer walrus oil as a retail product.

It is our intent to stock the 2 oz & 8 oz of cutting board oil and we will stock the three ounce can of wood wax

If you purchased a cutting board from us then you should have received your free 2 ounce bottle of walrus oil, when it's time to buy more just reach out to us.

Price  -

               2oz bottle Cutting Board Oil-- $5.00

               8oz Bottle Cutting Board Oil -- $10.00

               3oz Can of Woodwax -- $10.00

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From Walrus Oil Inc. 

"Walrus Oil is a purpose-driven company, making quality wood care and skincare products as natural as possible, while committing profits to plant trees for the long-term health of the planet. Trees keep woodworking sustainable, while also providing sanctuary for wildlife, natural beauty for our eyes, shade for those extra hot days, and places of recreation for all to freely enjoy. Our tree planting efforts are implemented by National Forest Foundation® and Greenspark®, and verified annually by 1% For The Planet®. Every product sold supports this mission and together I believe we can help keep the world wildly beautiful!

To further propel our mission and to better understand the planet and Walrus Oil’s environmental impact, in January 2024 I entered a graduate program at the University of Colorado where I’ll be pursuing a Master of Science in Sustainable Business. I'm looking forward to putting this education to work to better serve our planet, the woodworking industry, and most importantly, our valued customers. Your support over the years has made this an incredible journey and I’m committed to returning the favor every day with quality products made with a lot of purpose!"

Dave Darr - Founder/CEO



  • Beeswax Sourced from USA

  • Coconut Oil All Natural

  • Pure Mineral Oil 100% Food-Safe

  • Vitamin E Plant-Derived

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