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Woodworking video of past projects

Introduction video to our webpage

General Finish Bowl Finish

Couple of quick board to put into a store front

Zebra Striped Bowl with General Finish Bowl Finish

Turned a walnut blank in to a beautiful bowl

Making Pen and pencil holders for customers and gifts

Turning a Vase with epoxy

The Piercing Pt 1 - 

Turning a tab style can opener

Onefinity Elite Dust boot

Onefinity Elite USB Issues

Makita Router calls it quits...

Experimenting with powder paint

Testing Delta 2 Eco Flow with F1 Xtool Laser

Xtool P2 Laser - Engraving Glass

Dust Hose Holder

Bit Storage and organization

Ultimate Cutting Board

Ultimate Cutting Board Test #1

Branding Ideas

Xtool P2 Exhaust Fan Modification 

Install CW3000 Chiller on my CNC

Maintenance of Laguna Clean Air Filtration

Xtool P2 Laser Issues

Replacing the front seal on Xtool P2

New Laser - Com Marker B4 MOPA 

Dust collection problem on the table saw

Sealing Wood for a epoxy pour

Making a Grandma Sign 

Working With Acrylic

Part 2 Sealing Wood for a epoxy pour

Spoonology -the study of spoon engraving - LOL

Engraving Leatherette 101

Wooden Kitchen Items Maintenance

New Engrave

Lighted Acrylic Sign Part 1

Applying Walrus Oil Woodwax

Laguna 18/36 Lathe 20 inch bed extension

Lighted Acrylic Sign Part 2

Small Sample of laser peripherals

More laser peripherals

F1 Jig

Step by Step Laser cutting and making the American Flag

Event Preparation

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